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The Following IMPORTANT Items Pertain to Monte Rio Triathlon:

1. Packet pick up will be available the day before the race OR on race morning. If you choose to pick up your packet on race morning, there is a $10 charge. All packet pick up will take place at the Monte Rio Community Center in Monte Rio. (Per USAT rules, no one else will be allowed to pick up your race packet - NO exceptions!) Keep in mind, if you don't drop your bike off on Saturday, you will need to ride your bike from the parking area (3 miles away) to the race venue.

2. Bring a photo ID to packet pick-up. You will not be given your packet without one! 

3. Unless you have VIP parking (or staying in Monte Rio), you must park at the Duncans Mills Rodeo Grounds parking lot on race morning.

4. Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend you watch the pre-race video and/or attend the race meeting. Important race day logistics will be discussed during the meeting.

5. There is no required bike check for the Monte Rio Triathlon. If you need assistance with your bike while you are here for the race, visit Kevin & Mariko at Echelon Cycle & Multisport.

6. We ask that you drop off your bike on Saturday if you are picking up your packet on Saturday. You may also choose to drop your run gear on Saturday. However, this is optional. You may bring your run gear on race morning.

7. Start with your assigned wave and rack your bike in your assigned rack. If you fail to do either of these you will be penalized or disqualified. You are NOT allowed to start in any swim wave other than your own - no please do not ask!

8. Wetsuits will be allowed if the water temperature is below 78 degrees Fahrenheit, in accordance with USAT rules. The water temperature is expected to be between 65 and 70 degrees.

9. Bodymarking will take place throughout the transition area.

10. The roads are open to traffic. Ride on the right hand side of the road unless instructed otherwise by a police officer or race official. For the safety of you, the athlete, we ask that spectators not drive the course while the race is in progress.

11. To keep the local residents happy, do not park on the race course in private parking lots, or side streets. Your car may be towed. A parking lot specifically designated for our event is located four miles from the race start. Shuttles will be provided before and after the race. 

12. Please help our volunteers keep the countryside clean and the residents of the area happy by discarding rubbish (gel packets, water bottles, wrappers, cups, etc.) at the aid stations while racing.

13. You must be present at the award ceremony to receive awards. Awards will NOT be mailed out! Awards will go three deep in each five year age category.


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