Ironman 70.3 Vineman
20th Annual Full Vineman 9th Annual Barb's Race Vineman Aquabike

Race Schedule

Friday July 11, 2014


Windsor High School     


Athlete Welcome Reception
Hosted by Compex

This social gathering will include a welcome to the Ironman 70.3 Vineman athletes and a talk show featuring a number of pro athletes and race sponsors. We will also have great prizes from our sponsors.   


Saturday July 12, 2014


Windsor High School   

Pre Race Meetings / Course Talks
**NOTE: You must attend one of the pre race meetings prior to picking up your race packet!


10:00 AM

Expo Opens


10:00 AM

Packet Pick Up Opens


10:30 AM

Run Gear Drop Off Begins

Athletes who have already checked in and picked up their race packet should drop off their run gear in the bike/run transition area at Windsor High School. Run gear drop off will continue until 8:00 PM

8:00 PM

Registration ends and race site closes.


Sunday July 13, 2014           


 Johnson's Beach - Guerneville, CA


5:30 AM

Transition Area opens

6:30 AM/6:32 AM 

Swim Wave 1    

Pro Men/Pro Women

6:36 AM

Swim Wave 2

W 30-32

6:42 AM

Swim Wave 3

W 33-34

6:48 AM

Swim Wave 4

M 30-32

6:54 AM

Swim Wave 5

M 33-34

7:00 AM

Swim Wave 6

W 35-39

7:06 AM

Swim Wave 7    

M 45-46

7:12 AM

Swim Wave 8

M  47-49

7:18 AM

Swim Wave 9

W 45-49

7:24 AM

Swim Wave 10

M 35-36

7:30 AM

Swim Wave 11

M 37

7:36 AM

Swim Wave 12

M 38-39

7:42 AM

Swim Wave 13

W 50+
7:48 AM

Swim Wave14

M 55+

7:54 AM

Swim Wave15

W 29 & Under

8:00 AM

Swim Wave 16

M 40-41

8:06 AM

Swim Wave 17

M 42

8:12 AM

Swim Wave 18

M 43-44

8:18 AM

Swim Wave 19

W 40-42

8:24 AM

Swim Wave 20

W 43-44

8:30 AM

Swim Wave 21

M 50-54

8:36 AM

Swim Wave 22

M 29 & Under
   **Swim waves subject to change.

9:46 AM

Swim Course Closes (1:10 after last wave)


Windsor High School - Windsor, CA 


11:30 AM

Shuttle Buses begin leaving Windsor High School and run until 5:30 PM.

12:00 PM Pro Awards Ceremony (at finish line)

2:06 PM

Bike Course Closes.


4:00 PM

Awards Ceremony and Ironman 70.3 Slot Allocation

Windsor High School Gymnasium - IMPORTANT You must be present at the ceremony to receive your prize money (pros only), prizes and / or your Ironman 70.3 Qualifier Slot. If you are not present your qualifying slot will be rolled down to the next eligible finisher in your category who is present. **Awards will no longer be mailed to winners.

5:06 PM

Run Course Closes.


5:30 PM

Last Shuttle bus leaving for Johnson's Beach.


9:46 AM

Swim Course Closes (1:10 after last wave)

2:06 PM

Bike Course Closes.

5:06 PM

Run Course Closes.

** Schedule subject to change. Please check back to see final schedule.

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