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Course Maps & Details

Swim Course Details:

The IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman swim is staged at Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville, California. Water temperatures typically range from 70 to 76 degrees. If this is the case on race morning wetsuits will be allowed as this falls within USA Triathlon guidelines. (please refer to the USAT website for details of the rules

The swim course is an out and back course which starts in front of the dam at Johnson’s Beach and proceeds upstream to the turn-around point. Swimmers will keep the swim buoys on their left for the entire swim. A neutral area, which is marked with buoys, where there are no swimmers, will separate the swimmers on the outbound and return legs of the swim. The swim course, which averages between 4 and 7 feet in depth, will be monitored by lifeguards in kayaks. 

Between the Russian River being dammed in a number of locations near Guerneville and the fact that it almost never rains in Sonoma County between June 1st and October 15th, there is very little current in the river during this time period.

The dam at Johnson’s Beach is a seasonal dam which is up only in the summer months. The dam is placed around mid-June and will remain in place until the end of September.

Johnson’s Beach has been a favorite summertime spot in Sonoma County for decades. The beauty of the redwoods which line the banks of the Russian River, the serenity of the flowing river, and the down-to-earth people who run Johnson’s Beach and Resort make it a truly special place. The concession stand at Johnson’s Beach is open daily and is famous for its giant draft beers and its fresh grilled hamburgers. For anyone interested in swimming the course prior to race day, Johnson's Beach is open daily from (approximately) 10am-6pm. Please do not ask the staff at the beach about race logistics. If you have questions about the swim please contact the Vineman office. 

IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman Swim Course Map  

Swim Course and T1 Overview Map

Oomph! Bike Course Details:

The Oomph! bike course for the IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman is simply a great course. It is challenging, but not too difficult. Its many rolling hills and curves are technically demanding. It has just under 2000 feet of climbing, including a 385 foot climb on Chalk Hill, which is enough of a challenge because of the location. Its comes at mile 45 of the ride...keeping you honest in your training and race pacing. But most of all the course is extremely beautiful, passing endless miles of vineyards and dozens of wineries.

The bike begins at Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville and finishes at Windsor High School (approximately 17 miles away from its starting point).

Aid stations are located at mile 18, 29, and 40 and will be serving water(in single use,sport top bottles), Gatorade Endurance (in sport top bottles), bananas, GU Chomps, and CLIF Bar mini's energy bars.  

Although open to traffic, the roads are lightly traveled but will be intensely marshaled by USAT officials. We ask that your friends, family and coaches keep off the bike course while the race is in progress!

Air temperatures generally range from the low to mid 50's early in the morning to daytime highs of anywhere from 80-95 degrees.

                                 IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman Oomph! Bike Course Map
                                                Bike Course Elevation Map

Oomph! Bike Course Turn by Turn Description:

Cyclists leave Guerneville on River Road heading east (toward Highway 101) and proceed 5 miles to Sunset Avenue
- RIGHT on to Sunset & underneath River Road
- RIGHT on to Westside Road
- LEFT on to Kinley Road
- LEFT on to Dry Creek Road
- RIGHT on to Canyon Road
- RIGHT on to CA 128 into Geyserville
- LEFT to stay on CA 128 in Geyserville
- RIGHT on to Chalk Hill Road
- LEFT on to Pleasant Road which turns into Faught Road
- RIGHT on to Shiloh Rd
- LEFT on to Old Redwood HWY
- RIGHT on to Fulton Rd
- RIGHT on to Airpoort Boulevard
- RIGHT on to Skylane Boulevard
- LEFT on to Shiloh Road
- RIGHT on to Windsor Road to Windsor High School
Cyclists will TURN LEFT to enter the south parking lot at Windsor High School to finish the bike portion of the event. The transition area will be located in the center quad of the school campus.

TIMEX Run Course Details:

The 13.1 mile TIMEX run course starts and finishes at Windsor High School. Aid stations are located approximately each mile on the run course and will be serving: Gu Energy Gels*, Gu Chomps*, Gatorade Endurance, water, cola, ice, assorted fruit, & cookies.
*GU is the Exclusive on course Energy Gel and Chew provider.

The run course starts at Windsor High School and takes athletes to the La Crema Winery on an out and back course.

IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman TIMEX Run Course G-Map

La Crema Winery Loop (Detail)

Ironman 70.3 Vineman TIMEX Run Course Map

TIMEX Run Course Turn by Turn Directions:

The run will start at Windsor High School.
Exit at the south entrance/parking lot
RIGHT on Windsor Road
RIGHT on Reiman Lane
As you turn onto Reiman Lane you will cross immediately to the left side of the road and remain on this side of the road all the way to the La Crema winery.
LEFT on Starr Road
LEFT on to Mark West Station Road
RIGHT on to Slusser Road
LEFT on to Laughlin Road which you will follow to the entrance of the La Crema Winery where you will enter the La Crema winery and complete a loop on their property.
RIGHT on Laughlin Rd (upon departing La Crema Winery-crossing over to the left side of the road)
TURN AROUND at corner of Laughlin Rd and N. Laughlin Rd. and continue back on Laughlin Rd.
When you reach the turn around, you will remain on the same side of the road (now the right side). You will remain on this side of the road until approximately mile 12 when volunteers will direct you back to the left side of the road, where you will remain until you reach the high school property.
RIGHT on Slusser Road
RIGHT on Mark West Station Road
*Mark West Station Rd. turns into Windsor Rd.
Continue on Windsor Road to Windsor High School
LEFT into Windsor High School to the finish line


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